Pergolas, Orange County, CA Pergolas can be described as an outdoor room that has cross rafters and no walls. It provides an airy space to relax or dine. Pergola is generally a freestanding structure and some homeowners choose to add lattice to accommodate vines or for more shade. With its freestanding structure, the pergola does not need any complex connections with the house and this plays to its advantage as a home improvement project. West Coast Paving Stones can help you create those breezy, airy, and beautiful pergolas that will instantly up the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Advantages of Pergolas

There are multiple benefits of adding a pergola to your property. Some of those are listed below:

  • Pergolas are beautiful: This is the most obvious benefit of adding a pergola. The unique beauty that the architectural design of the pergola adds, is unmatched. You can select from simple to more ornate and elaborate pergola design as per your choice and landscape.
  • Support for plants: While pergolas are beautiful on their own, they give support to the vines and other plants. You just need to plant the flowers at the right spot so that they can make their way up the pergola. Some common choices of plants that can be added as decorative pieces to pergolas are grapevines, clematis, and wisteria.
  • Shade: Though pergolas have an open structure they provide additional shade, though the extent of shade depends on the size and spacing of the beams. If you want a completely covered space, then you can add a fabric cover. A climbing plant with thick foliage can also add shade.

Affordable Ways to Define Your Outer Space

A pergola gives an option to define your outdoor living space in a very affordable manner. As pergolas have an open structure, they do not make the space feel confined or small. The flooring under the pergola can be done in a way to complement the beams of the pergola. Building a pergola is quite inexpensive and an easy project. Although there are more ornate and elaborate options available, if you are not looking at spending a lot of money you can find an economical yet beautiful option.

Types of Pergolas

There are many types of pergola styles and designs to choose from. You can also get a customized one created per your preferences and specification. Some common types of pergola are:

  • Open top pergola: This design does not have a roof cladding. You can add a new look to the outdoor with free airflow.
  • Pitched pergola: This design has an angled or pitched roof. The roof allows for easy rainwater runoff.
  • Gabled pergola: They have a triangular shape and hence add an additional height.
  • Steel pergola: Steel is strong, durable, and long-lasting. Steel offers a more modern look to the structure.
  • Sail pergola: A stretched sail is suspended between the posts to offer a lustrous and modern appeal.

If you need more information on different types of pergolas and need expert advice on how to choose a suitable one for your home, reach out to our team at West Coast Paving Stones. We are available on call at (877) 832-5366.

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