Paver Walkways

Paver Walkways, Orange County, CA The walkway is the pathway on any residential property that leads to an entrance. The other end can be anything like the front door, pool, garage, garden, courtyard, or the patio. Paver walkways are commonly seen outside malls, parks, theatres, or corporate buildings. These walkways create a warm feeling around the property and function to give directions to the pedestrians.

When you choose paver walkways over the conventional ones your outdoor space comes alive. If you want to create a unique pattern and safe walkway, we at West Coast Paving Stones can provide you impeccable services.

Benefits of Pavers

You can reap multiple benefits by installing paver walkways on any specific entrance on your property. Some reasons that make pavers a popular choice of homeowners and landscaping experts are:

  • The multiple options of shapes, patterns, sizes and colors
  • Paver walkways are durable and have a good life span
  • They are affordable and hence suit homeowners with any budget
  • They have a very classy look and hence do not look sub-standard or cheap
  • They are suitable for all weather conditions
  • They do not need a lot of maintenance
  • They are slip-resistant
  • In case of damage, it can be fixed by just replacing the damaged pieces
  • They can be recycled, can be repositioned and re-used

A unified look across the property is possible with a paved walkway. If you want to give a pleasing and unified look to your landscape, you can go for a brick or stone walkway. For a contrasting appearance, you can pick a different material or a darker color.

Materials Used for Walkways

Usually, three types of pavers are used for constructing walkways namely, concrete pavers, brick pavers and natural stone pavers. Concrete and brick pavers are manufactured and hence the shapes, colors, and patterns available are endless. Natural stone pavers give a limited choice of shape and color and this is because these are natural products. But many homeowners choose natural stones because of the natural look and feel, as that’s the kind of appeal they want to add to their outdoor space.

Add an Element of Safety with Pavers

Paver walkways help create a safe outdoor space, by creating a safe path rather than a route that is very steep or has many obstacles. The walkway also creates a path to move any heavy material from one area to other. Any heavy items or material can be hauled, using a wheelbarrow or a cart. Such a walkway always gives a sense of safety to the person treading on the pathway. The person does not need to worry about keeping an eye on the path and avoid any obstacles.

If you are looking for a versatile paved walkway for your outdoor, look no further and give us at West Coast Paving Stones a chance to build a beautiful and functional walkway for you. You can give us a call on (949) 863-0050 or (877) 832-5366.

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