5 Retaining Wall Ideas

Retaining Walls, Orange, CA West Coast Paving Stones has been in business for over 15 years, serving customers in and around Orange County. We handle all types of retaining walls installation for commercial and residential landscapes.

Building long-lasting, robust, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing retaining walls require knowledge and experience. Our vast expertise means you can rely on us to provide structures with great ROI while also fulfilling your functional requirements. Block walls are versatile and can be used for a range of applications. Here are some ideas:

Planting Gardens

Planning is a crucial aspect of garden installations, and it is essential to define the spaces well. You need to ensure that the gardens have proper boundaries of the correct heights. The retaining wall height aspect is crucial, as you will need walls that protect the flowering plants without obstructing the view.

Property Borders

All property owners want their premises to be safe and secure while being attractive. The best way to achieve these objectives is to install well-planned retaining walls as property borders. You can select everything from the height and thickness of these walls to the retaining wall systems to be used. Choose from a wide range of materials, including natural stone, concrete masonry blocks, brick, wood, etc. You can also use combination materials based on your needs.

Terracing Slopes

Terraced land looks fantastic and provides a unique landscaping opportunity. However, these types of outdoor spaces have problems like soil erosion. Mudslides are common in these sites, affecting the land's stability, proving a safety risk. Installing retaining walls on terracing slopes can help maintain the structure while providing necessary support.

Water Containment

Sloping outdoor spaces need special grading and water containment features. Retaining walls are a great solution in these settings and must be planned well. You can discuss your requirements with the hardscaping designers who will survey the outdoor areas and provide the perfect retaining walls for water containment purposes. These walls are ideal for areas that experience flooding. Sloping land also creates problems like excessive runoff, and retaining walls solve the problem as they can help contain and direct water to the required drains.

Growing Vegetables

If you like gardening, you will want to have well-segregated vegetable garden spaces without any visual obstructions. Two feet high, retaining walls can serve this purpose well. You can opt for concrete masonry block walls and use natural stone veneer to clad them. Skilled hardscaping professionals will work with you to create suitable structures to grow your vegetables without worrying about pets digging into the soil or people trampling on the saplings.

High Quality Retaining Wall Constriction

We believe that functional structures like retaining walls can also be attractive and distinctive. Our hardscape designers provide creative retaining ideas that serve dual purposes while adding a unique aesthetic to your hardscapes. Whether you want a retaining wall built for planting gardens, property borders, terracing slopes, water containment, to growing vegetables, we can help.

For the best customized retaining walls, call West Coast Paving Stones at (877) 832-5366. Alternatively, send us your service requirements and queries via this Online Form, and we will contact you within a short time.

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