5 Must Have Outdoor Coverings

Outdoor Living Covers, Orange, CA Here at West Coast Paving Stones, we have been providing our services to residential clients in Orange, CA for more than 20 years. If you are looking for the perfect outdoor coverings for your home, here are 5 options to consider.

Patio Covers

Patio covers can be the first line of defense against sunlight. We can design your patio covers to direct the sunlight away. This will have a cooling effect, allowing you and your family to spend more time outdoors. The key benefits of this covering are as follows:
  • Preventing Sun Damage: This cover will protect your patio furniture from sun damage. It can also reflect the rays away from your home.
  • Protects Against Weather Exposure: A patio cover will also protect your furniture from rain and bad weather. It can also keep your deck from being damaged by snow and ice.
  • More Accessible Patio: With a cover on, you can access your patio in most types of weather conditions.


The demand for pergolas has increased dramatically in recent times. The outdoor is a centerpiece of pride, elegance, and entertainment. This structure will easily extend the livable space in your home. Some of the main reasons we recommend our clients to add these outdoor coverings are as follows:
  • A pergola allows you to add outdoor furniture and décor without the fear of them getting damaged.
  • You can enjoy your backyard for a greater part of the year.
  • Add a level of privacy.
  • We can use the desired materials, colors, and designs based on your home’s style and your personal preferences.
  • A great outdoor space for entertaining guests.
A pergola also creates an excellent structure for growing a wide range of climbing plants.


An outdoor pavilion can also improve your backyard. It can readily add appeal to your yard. Many homeowners have backyards that seem to be too bland. A pavilion is a large structure and can readily draw your guests’ attention. And when designed by the right professionals, this covering can also tie all the backyard elements together. Some of the other benefits of an outdoor pavilion are as follows:
  • Extra Outdoor Room: Your outdoor pavilion can also double as an additional room. You may use it as a place to work or engage in hobbies. Based on your ideas, we can enclose it using the right materials.
  • Quieter Settings: An outdoor pavilion can not only provide shade, it also gives you the opportunity to spend time in a quieter setting. Many people cannot create a garden for several reasons. In such a case, a pavilion can create the desired space for spending time outdoors and de-stress.
Pavilions also make a great space for hosting guests and socializing.


Awnings are excellent outdoor coverings that allow you to enjoy the sun or shade as and when required. We can install all types of awnings including retractable ones over your patio or deck. They can protect your family, furniture, and different surfaces from UV rays and rain. Well-positioned awnings can also block sunlight from entering your home. This can protect against UV rays and keep your home cool.


We can also design and install trellises in different structural designs and shapes. You can have the structure built in metal, vinyl, or wood. We can fix it to the side of your house or a fence. The horizontal crosspieces can be installed over an area to control sunlight exposure. Besides, the types of vines used on the feature can provide additional control over shade. These are some of the most popular outdoor coverings you can choose for your home. If you have any unique ideas to discuss for your outdoor living area, feel free to contact us at West Coast Paving Stones. You can give us a call at (877) 832-5366 or send us your message using this Online Form.

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