Backyard Makeovers in Fullerton, CA

Backyard Makeovers, Fullerton, CA As a highly skilled industry, landscape design and installation encompass many facets and components. The perfect landscape design, when executed expertly, can improve both the visual appeal and practicality of your outdoor living space during a backyard makeover. In addition to providing monetary value, well-designed gardens and yards increase the likelihood that their owners will use them.

West Coast Paving Stones is one of the most reputable firms in the landscape installation industry, and we've worked on countless backyard makeovers for clients in and around Fullerton, CA. Our landscape designers will consult with you at length to determine your exact requirements. After that, they'll start working on the final design.

Benefits 0f 3d Landscape Design

Most landscape businesses will simply provide you with their layout and landscape designs on paper, but these aren't particularly clear or helpful in helping you visualize how the spaces will look.

As a company that places a premium on technology, we pride ourselves on being unconventional. Our landscape designers utilize the most advanced 3D software to demonstrate precisely how the outdoor living areas will appear once all the components have been put in according to the plans.

A well-designed landscape is practical, simple to manage, economical, environmentally friendly, and aesthetically beautiful. Our backyard makeover plans take into account a setting's aesthetics and utility. We have great expertise in creating 3D landscape designs using these concepts. Nothing is better than going over the project you want to construct visually.

Range of Patio Elements

We offer a wide range of backyard makeover options by incorporating various elements, which include:

Patio Covers

We can meet the needs of both our business and residential customers thanks to our wide selection of patio covers. We know you'll want these features to complement your home or business. We offer patio cover installation and 3D design services customized to your company's needs and deliver the functionality you require.

BBQ Islands

BBQ islands are essential if you enjoy spending time outside and want to create visually beautiful and functional locations. It can be advantageous to incorporate these into your landscape design. They come in a wide range of different styles. When you engage with us, you have a variety of BBQ Island layouts and design options. We will offer you the best 3D Designs after fully understanding your needs and handle the installation to industry standards.


The outdoor areas of a property are made more exciting and charming by outdoor fireplaces. Even when it gets colder, they allow you to enjoy your yard unhindered. In addition to being a stunning addition to any outdoor space, they make for an exciting and eye-catching focal point when paired with an outdoor stone fireplace.

A fireplace area can be transformed into a warm spot to gather with loved ones, increasing your property’s functionality and value. We offer 3D designs and plans to help you visualize your fireplace's final look after construction.

Fire Pits

Several amenities can enhance a property, and many homeowners are currently constructing outdoor fire pits. Including these elements in any outdoor or partially outdoor scene is easy. Before setting up an outdoor fire pit on your own, you should always consult with hardscaper’s like us. It would help if you considered the structure's positioning, local construction regulations, and safety. The professionals on our staff will provide you with information on all these aspects, and we'll consider them while we provide 3D designs and renderings of your fire pit.

For more information on backyard makeovers in Fullerton, CA with various patio elements, call West Coast Paving Stones at (877) 832-5366. You can also send us queries via this online form, and we will get back to you within the shortest time possible.

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